SAY MKE (Southeast Asian Youth Milwaukee)

SAY MKE Organizer Leadership Program of SEVEN Southeast Asian youth in Milwaukee, WI who are interested in organizing in their communities around violence prevention, and civic education. 

The purpose of the program is to build strong leaders who will champion safety and leadership within their community. SAY MKE program organizes and supports local projects that keeps the community safe and uplifts the safety and leadership of Southeast Asian youth girls.



I am Fantasy (Fanny) Vang, she, her, hers, or anything said with love and respect. I am a member of SAY MKE because I want to emphasize my leadership and my progress, that I have been part of a noticeable project for about 8 years now. Being a part of Project Visible, HAWA daughters and SAY MKE have led me leading these 6 girls who I build sisterhood and share content with who are fighting against violence. The capacity of this group is to strive at protective steps against violence for women’s, girls, queer, trans, and lgbtq+ folx.


Hi, I am Emily Yang, my pronouns are she, her, hers. I am a part of HAWA’s SAY MKE Youth Program. I chose to be a part of SAY MKE because I had to grow up in a community where no one taught me anything about the real world and the real issues. Being a part of SAY MKE keeps me caught up with the world and educates me on what I don’t know. I have been a part of HAWA for about 2 years, almost 3 now from their Sisterhood Program to their Our Sister’s Stories and now SAY MKE. All programs have taught me to become a better leader, therefore with SAY MKE I am willing to create a change and lead other young Southeast Asian girls like me.


Hi, my name is Naiome Lor and my pronouns are she, her, hers. I am a part of SAY MKE because I want to educate myself on situations happening to other people around the world, like sexual assault, toxic relationships, and so much more deeper topic. I want to pass this type of information that I’ve learned from this program to anyone in need of a helping hand or someone who simply needs to be educated. Being in this program will also help me grow mentally as well and I’ve already seen some positive changes in myself. SAY MKE focuses on real life problems that a lot of women and even men are afraid to talk about. It focuses on preventing toxic situations to happen to someone else, no matter if they’re a girl, women, queer, or lgbtq+ folks.


Hello, I’m Analiya Xiong, my pronouns are she, her, hers. I am part of HAWA’s SAY MKE Youth program because I enjoy helping the community. I also believe that with enough knowledge and education, we will be able to change society’s mentality for the better. I enjoy being part of HAWA because it is my safe space, and it is also many other people’s safe space as well. Being able to be a part of HAWA is such a great opportunity as well because there are not many people who are able to have opportunities like this. I have only been part of HAWA for a year and a half, and also participated in Sisterhood as well as Our Sister’s Story. I use HAWA up to my advantage to spread awareness and help others in need.


My name is Alana Yang and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m apart of of HAWA because I want to educate others and myself about the violence between different types of communities happening to the youth, older generations, poc, and lgbtqia+ folx!


My name is Valerie Yang, my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a part of SAY MKE because I want to show how I could show leadership as a young Hmong woman. I want my voice to be powerful enough to speak for what’s right upon our community. SAY MKE helps guide me to seek preventions of domestic violence. Being in SAY MKE helped me realize that there’s so much for me to learn as I’m moving forward.


I’m Faith Hang, my pronouns are she, her, hers. I am a part of SAY MKE because I want to expand my knowledge on leadership skills and learn more about preventing violence in the community. SAY MKE guides me to understand more about the violence that occurs towards women, POC, and the LGBTQ community and teaches me a variety of ways to protect, help, and care for those in need.

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