HAWA’s ROOTS DOWN MKE Capital Campaign

Roots Down Capital Campaign

In 2019, HAWA celebrated 25 years of our contribution to keeping our Southeast Asian communities safe here in Milwaukee, while also acknowledging the leadership of Southeast Asian Womyn leading this work. As a part of our vision for the next 25 years, we dreamed of what a transformed and stronger Milwaukee would look like for us as Southeast Asian women, girls, Queer and Trans people.

In 2021, with the generous support of our private donors, we were able to secure a beautiful building that is now owned by HAWA. We are excited to finally have a permanent home and are building out what the next 100 years will look like for our work here in Milwaukee.

The goal of our HAWA ROOTS DOWN Campaign is to raise funds that will continue to support our work here in Milwaukee by renovating this beautiful new space for us to continue our transformative healing work, our advocacy services for survivors of violence, our leadership development for Southeast Asian women, girls and Queer-fem leaders, and our community organizing work.

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BECOME A HAWA CHAMPION by committing to kick-start this campaign with a one-time donation of $720.00 or $60/month for a year.
*Your name will be recognized on our HAWA Champion wall at our new home*

BECOME A HAWA SUSTAINER by committing $25/month (25 to celebrate 25 years) to continue supporting our work.

BECOME A HAWA SUPPORTER and donate any amount you can right now!

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