Project VISIBLE seeks to engage youth in utilizing the power of media to champion Southeast Asian visibility as a way to promote gender equity and community connectedness through the use of media; to share, connect, and talk about how root causes of violence effects the healthy of our communities.

The 12-month long project is intended to engage youth and their families in conversations that address historical and cultural oppression in Southeast Asian communities in Milwaukee, while demonstrating the use of media as a positive tool in sharing and learning about healthy self-love, identity, and supportive relationships as a way to promote prevention through identifying and making relevant root causes of violence.

Through our Project VISIBLE prevention efforts, we aim to:

  • Increase engagement of SEA young adults and youth in creating culturally-relevant anti-violence media to bring awareness to their community
  • Expand existing HAWA outreach that promote sexual assault/domestic violence advocacy support services

If you would like more information on the contact call (414) 930-9352.

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Advocating for social justice within the Hmong Community through collective actions