Programs and Services

Being the first and only Hmong women’s organization in the state of Wisconsin, HAWA dedicates its resources to the advancement of Hmong women and girls. Our innovative programs are designed to be language and culture specific to the Hmong community that concentrates in three areas: (1) Youth, (2) Family, and (3) Women’s Leadership. Each of the three areas incorporates social change into its design and implementation.

Some of the core services for survivors of violence specialization in domestic violence and sexual assault we provide are:

  • Hmong/Burmese/Karen/Malay speaking advocates
  • One-on-one case management: includes crisis intervention/safety planning a& referral services to shelter and other social support services
  • Support Group Services for survivors (i.e. Vivncaus, B4, HYPE, etc.)
  • On-site services: Counseling and Legal Advocacy
    1-877-740-4292 (Bilingual in Hmong/English)

Additional programs & Services offered by HAWA:
Domestic Violence Program
Sexual Assault Program
Vivncaus Unite
Ntuj Tshiab Circle

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Advocating for social justice within the Hmong Community through collective actions