HAWA Youth Program & Engagements (HYPE)  is dedicated to building strong leaders to create social change in their communities and at home, while preserving our culture. Youth ages 13-24,  in H.Y.P.E. programs will have opportunities to participate in civic engagements, LGBTQ+ discussions, domestic violence education and prevention, outreach and leadership development, among many other topics and goals.

Focus and Goals:

  • Self-empowerment
  • Leadership skills
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Organize for Social Justic
  • Health Education and Risks
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Peer Support
  • Exploring Identity
  • Team Building

Hmong Cultural Dance

Youth learn and share Hmong culture, clothing, art, music, traditions, and language through traditional Hmong dance.

Youth Leadership

Dedicated to fostering strong youth leaders and youth’s development of self, identity, and community, involving discussions based on current issues impacting youth and their community.

Youth Published Magazine

Utilizing visual art as a tool for social change in the community, the youth will collaborate with one another to produce a magazine that highlights youth narratives that address social justice issues.

For more information on H.Y.P.E. contact HAWA Youth Advocate, Lue Yang at lue@hawamke.org or call (414) 930-9352.

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Advocating for social justice within the Hmong Community through collective actions